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SAFE2use Encapsulation Solution (5 Litres) Concentrate


Awesome Encapsulation Formula giving your carpet cleaning business the “boost” it needs………


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We believe this is the BEST Encap available in Australia – New Enhanced formula with power boosted stain removal………..


This rare secret weapon that we’ve used in many “High End Hotels” is now being released to a selected group of Carpet Cleaners –   those who are looking for a “Point of Difference” for their business to justify their price……..

So if you want Jaw Dropping results with Blazing Fast drying times then this product is the one for you, a  super Power Boosted Concentrated formula that is so strong, it will remove a multitude of grungy marks when mixed as a Spotter and Pre-Spray (see dilution rates below) to give you outstanding results, leaving a fresh clean fragrance that’s not overpowering.

We’ve doubled down on strength and performance to give it better dirt pulling power…

… whether you use Hot Water Extraction or low moisture Bonnet/Orbital cleaning with this SAFE2use® formula.

The Encapsulation method minimises re-soiling by crystallising in the carpet and trapping the dirt, which is then extracted with subsequent vacuuming, improving and prolonging the results of your cleaning.

Try it once and I reckon you’ll be hooked…save money on the need for other spotters, let this extreme “Heavy Lifter”  do the work, without being Harsh.

Especially formulated for use on Commercial and Domestic Carpets and Upholstery.

SAFE2use®  for all carpet types including Wool.

For stunning results, we strongly recommend using a top of the range extraction unit prior to using the encapsulation process.
Suitable for use with the following methods:

  • ORBITtech ®
  • Rotary Cleaners
  • Pad/Bonnet cleaning
  • Orbital Systems
  • Cimex™
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Spot Cleaning

DILUTION RATE: Will vary according to the state of the carpet, instructions are as follows:
CARPET CLEANING: For Lightly soiled carpets – Ratio:  1:32 (Mix 160ml of SAFE2use ® encap into 5 litres of water)
For heavily soiled carpets: Ratio 1:25 (Mix 200ml of SAFE2use® encap into 5 litres of water)

Note: For really heavily soiled carpets, such as Exit cleans, you can go up to the maximum mix of 240 ml in 5 litres of water. (Do not exceed 240ml mix)

Pre-spray Mix: If a stronger mix is needed to treat heavily soiled areas, such as walk ways, use 220ml  – 240ml of product in 5 litres of water.
Note: It is advised that you do not exceed this ration for best results.

Spotter:  Depending on the strength you require, Mix 220 ml – up to 240ml of product into 1 litre of water in a spray bottle. Do NOT exceed 240ml


  • SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE: Because this solution contains natural ingredients that are designed to crystalise in the fabric/carpet, this product does separate, we highly recommend that you shake the bottle well before transferring into your sprayers, you will then avoid sediment in the 5 litre container, this is especially necessary in cold climates.

Keep out of the reach of children.
For First Aid information, contact a Poison Information Centre (Phone 131 126) or a Doctor


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