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Pet Odour Neutraliser/Stain Remover and Sanitiser – 5 Litres (Ready to use) Professional Strength – Now available to the public

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5 Litre Pet Odour Neutraliser and Stain Remover (Professional Strength)

Pet Odour Neutraliser, Stain Remover and Sanitiser all In one!

Professional Strength 3 in1  Pet Urine Odour and Stains remover, Plus Sanitiser…                                                                          Made here in Australia Aussie Made Logo

Anti-bacterial Solution, SAFE2use® formula, Eco friendly, safe for both Pets and Humans.

Our product will remove the odour and the stain from your carpets, tiles, rugs, cushions and even bedding as well as sanitising the stained area.

Some products out there are nothing more than a “masking agent” and the Odour will return when the perfume wears off, our product doesn’t contain any fragrance, so you will be able to smell within minutes whether the Odour has gone.

This product break down the odour in the Uric Crystals and removes the odour completely.

Now there are two things to discuss here if you want a great result.

The first thing to do (if the urine is fresh and still wet) is take a clean cloth or super absorbent sponge and remove as much urine as possible.

Then spray on the Odour Neutraliser deep into the carpet or furniture,  the urine has probably penetrated the underlay of your carpet, so spray deeply to reach the underlay.

You must put enough product onto the area to get the desired result, for example; if the dog or cat has made a puddle of urine, let’s say 200ml for example, then you must put at least 200ml of product on the area.

If the stain is the size of a small plate for example, extend the spray out past the stain as urine spreads under the stain.

Allow some dwell time, if it is an old stain, you may need to wet the stain with water and extract with a super absobent sponge to remove the urine trapped in the carpet, you may need to  treat it again the next day.

This product works! It all depends on the application and the age of the odour/stain.

There are other stains and odours that this product is perfect for, I will put up some photos of the before and after results of removing dog bile from a blanket, there is no odour and no sign of the stain!  It also works on faeces. Remove as much as possible and spray generously with the Odour Neutraliser and Sanitiser, allow some dwell time and then use a clean white cloth to rub the stain gently, it may need another application, then leave the product in, you will find over night it will keep working and sanitising the area and the stain will be gone.

It can also discourage your pets from returning to the area, please note: This will depend on the state of the area, (if they have been using it for a long time) and it’s never been treated, you may need to treat a couple of times until the odour is undetectable to their noses. If you’re treating Artificial Grass, you should hose out as much urine before you begin to get a off to a good start.



There is nothing worse than a pet urine or faeces odour that you can’t get rid of… 

Even worse when the pet keeps going back to the same spot!

Our Professional Strength Powerful, Pet Odour Neutraliser and Stain Remover  is now available to the Public, our Operators use this producct with great success to remove pet odours and remove stains left behind as well as sanitising the area.

We don’t add fragrances because we don’t want to mask the odour with a nice smell, we want to neutralise it and elimiate it immediately!

And it works in minutes! 

If you’re serious about getting rid of the dreadful smell of Pet Urine in your home,  then you need this product.

It works equally well for Dogs, Cats and other pets. Including Pet Cages, Kitty Litter Trays, Rabbit Hutches etc…

Just apply generously to allow the product to reach deep down into the effected area, so that it can neutralise the odour.

It can be used for other Pet accidents as well, such as vomit and poo. 

It will also remove the stain and help to discourage your pet from going back to the same spot, which is something most other products on the market don’t do.

Of course, that will depend on how well the area is treated, for example if a dog has urinated say, 200ml of urine onto the area, you will need to apply at least 200ml of product to neutralise it.

And remember as a rule of thumb, if the stain is the size of a small dinner plate, the urine will have spread even wider once it penetrates the underlay, so spray the size of a large dinner plate to cover sufficiently and be generous with it to get the best results. The product can’t neutralise the uric crystals if it doesn’t reach them.

Please note: If the urine stain has been in the carpet for some time, it could be difficult to completely remove the stain, the urine by this stage could have permanently dyed the carpet strands, depending on the colour and type of carpet in your home.  A second application may be needed in rare cases such as this.

However, we have had wonderful results from our customers who have successfully removed the odour and the stain the first time!

The secret is to use sufficient product to reach the stain, including down in the underlay and let the product work its magic!


As with all products of this kind a colour fast test is recommended prior to application.


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