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5 Stain Cleaner Solution (1Litre) Concentrate


Ratio: 1:50 (100ml product in 5 litres of water)(always test for colour fastness first)



A very safe option when treating mattress stains. As we try to avoid using strong stain removers on a mattress, the reason being, if they are not extracted properly, they could trigger an allergy or asthma attack. Both SF-6 & SF-5 are excellent for mattress stains and do not need to be extracted, SF-5 dissolves the protein in blood and therefore is excellent for blood stains on carpets or mattresses.

Mix Ratio:
1:50 – 100ml of product mixed in 5 litres of water  (always test for colour fastness first)

Spray directly onto the stain, (after you have done a colour fastness test) slight agitation can be used, but care must be taken on delicate fabrics, such as silk mattress ticking.
If you have a residual stain after using SF-5 use SF-6 Odour Neutraliser (it is excellent for removing the brown water mark that sometime appears after a Urine accident or from over-wetting the area). You can go over the area with  SF-6F to finish off and it will add a nice fragrance.

This solution is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous.


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