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The Healthy Hotels Group® Is Taking Hotel Hygiene To A Whole New Level…

Healthy Hotels GroupWho's been sleeping in my Hotel Bed?

It’s more important than ever to make sure you and your family stay safe when travelling, and that’s why the Hotels /Motels and Airbnb’s  that participate in the Healthy Hotels Group® program are in demand.

Never in history have the public been so aware of  the need for hygiene, in Restaurants, Cafes, food retail shops and more, and also in our Accommodation facilities’.

Let’s face it, if they have a choice between a “regular” Hotel/Motel/Airbnb or an establishment that  cares enough to go the extra mile for their Guests and have their mattresses and pillows cleaned and sanitised, they will definitely choose the Healthy Hotel over the others.

Biotech Hygiene is affiliated with the Healthy Hotels Group®, Biotech Hygiene produces the machinery and products that are used in accordance with the Healthy Hotels Group® certification standard.

Our independent operators are the preferred technicians for The Healthy Hotels Group® and because they are Owner/Operators they take the sanitising process seriously, and take great pride in their work.

They use only the best SAFE2use® products, making the process safe for your family’s health and they give a 100% Guarantee with their work.

Using the latest “Low Moisture Process” for Hotel carpets will be “dry in minutes not hours”.

This is very important for the Hotels, the faster drying process means there is no musty odour, no soaking carpets and they can have their rooms ready again in no time.

The guests love it because they can see the tent cards on their bedside table, letting them know that the Hotel they have booked has used this service to maintain the standard of hygiene in their room.

The beds and pillows are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Using a very powerful extraction machine, the mattress is extracted on both sides as well as the ensemble, removing dust mites, (dead and alive) as well as hair and skin particles, dust and other contaminants that can trigger an Asthma or Allergy attack.

Then after the mattresses and pillows are thoroughly cleaned, an application of a Non-Toxic, SAFE2use ® Sanitising spray is used to further protect the guests.

The machinery used in the dry process is the ORBITtech® system and because it’s very quiet, it makes it popular in Hotels, Hospitals and Retirement homes.

The results are amazing, and the reason is that the correct machinery and products are used along with a proven system that’s been perfected over a 10 year period.

A lot of Carpet Cleaners have tried to replicate what we do, but you can’t add water to a mattress, it not only takes hours to dry but it smells musty and the moisture encourages more dust mites to breed in the mattress, plus they don’t have our proven sanitising spray which is part of our SAFE2use® range of products. The job has to be done properly.

A lot has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic altered our lives, and the old systems that were once “acceptable” are no longer enough, we need to be vigilant and more aware of what is available in “proper” mattress and carpet cleaning and sanitising.

Most of the general public have never heard of mattress cleaning, but it makes perfect sense, especially when you don’t know who has slept in the bed before you…

So next time you’re looking for a Hotel/Motel or Airbnb to stay in with your family, ask if they participate in the Healthy Hotels Group® program.

And stay safe…

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