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If you’re a local interested in this business then you’re ready to move quickly on this…

If you’re not then consider the following information that can help you start up your new business in this wonderful country, creating Australians jobs…

Live in Beautiful Australia

Australia is one of the safest and most politically stable countries on the planet.

With some of the most beautiful, uncrowded beaches that you’ll ever see, healthcare second to none, a total absence of gun culture, a great education system and climate ranging from the sub-tropical north to the temperate south, it’s no wonder that Australia is called “the lucky country”.

The Visa

Did you know that if you want to live permanently in Australia it would cost you $2.5 Million dollars?

But… did you also know that a Sub Class Visa 132, 188, 888 or 890  could also be available to you? (depending on which class suits you), these Visas are for people who own and manage a business in Australia, and would allow them to stay indefinitely.

So if you purchased Biotech Hygiene this could mean you could stay here indefinitely! for the small price of this business and your visa fee. (check legal requirements on the Australian Government Website for more details here:

And by the way, one of the most popular businesses in demand for this type of Visa is the Cleaning Niche.

The reason for this is that Cleaning is an “Evergreen Niche”. No matter what happens with the economy Hotels and Government Establishments will still need to be cleaned and sanitised. Especially now- after the COVID Outbreak.

Biotech Hygiene Licensees would cover the following areas:

  • Hotel & Motel Sanitising and cleaning Beds and pillows
  • Dry Process Carpet Cleaning and Sanitising
  • Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising
  • Commercial and Domestic Cleaning
  • Mould Removal

The “Dry Process” of Mattress Cleaning for Hotels is very popular as the carpets and mattresses are dry in minutes, not hours, meaning a faster turn around for room bookings.

Mould Removal is another popular service that is covered in their Training. Real Estate Agents regularly seek operators that will successfully remove mould in Rental Properties.

Down to Business – You Get 4 Business Entities For The Price of One!

Healthy Hotels Group Illuminated sign

Healthy Hotels GroupBiotech Logo Large

This business opportunity is in the evergreen Carpet and Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising niche.It services both the Domestic and Commercial markets including Hotel/Motel Accommodation and would work as a Licensee or Franchise model. Depending on the new owners preference.

With everyone more cautious than ever about hygiene because of Covid-19, there’s never been a better time to get into the Cleaning and Hygiene business.

Why Am I Selling?

An excellent question… I have reached retirement age and I want to travel.

My name is Janice White and I was running a previous Company along side Biotech Hygiene which successfully sold a License Business some years ago.

Biotech Hygiene supplied the License company with machinery, chemicals and other consumables and we had 127 licensees throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Licenses sold for $38,500 plus GST ($42,350). Biotech Hygiene also had on-going sales of the patented ORBITtech® cleaning machines of $5,200 each.

Stepping Stones

The scope is tremendous for this business in Australia and New Zealand, as we have proven with the previous business with 127 Licensees, people are looking to run their own businesses but want the security and backing of “Head Office” to support and guide them.

With their License they get a full 3 days of training, they get all of the equipment and chemicals needed to start their business straight away.

With the ORBITtech® Patented machine they can clean carpets, tiles, marble and stone floors, all hard surfaces by just changing  to the appropriate pad.

It’s the lightest machine in its class, which is important to the Licensees who have to transport it daily. The process is very low moisture, meaning the carpets are “Dry in Minutes NOT Hours!”

Being part of the Healthy Hotels Group® helps the Licensees to secure Hotel contracts, and a support fee could be charged per Hotel for the use of the H.H.G. Intellectual Property.

You can find out more about HHG on the website…

The SAFE2use® products are very appealing to both private and commercial clients, with many people now aware of the toxic chemicals that other carpet cleaners use, they prefer a product that won’t set off an asthma or allergy attack.

Biotech Hygiene and Healthy Hotels Group are setting new standards in hygiene that are long overdue in the Hotel and Commercial Cleaning Industry and the private sector.

Get 4 Entities for the price of One!

With this sale you get Biotech Hygiene PLUS Healthy Hotels Group®Plus SAFE2use® Plus The ORBITtech®Australian Made Patented Multi-Purpose Cleaning Machine.

The machine has a full 20 year patent, with 9 years remaining.

SAFE2use® is a range of safe products used to service the Licensees/Franchisees and the Public.

The Business could be run as a License or set up as a Franchise, depending on your preference.


The other step that could be taken with this business is to create a Booking Engine with The Healthy Hotels Group®  this would mean that our Australian Hotels would not be relying on “off shore” Booking Engines to service them, making the cost of booking cheaper for them and keeping the money in Australia.

Along with the Manufacture of the ORBITtech® machine here in Australia and the Service Operators needed to service the Hotels, it’s a great opportunity to create more manufacturing jobs and service jobs for Australians.

This business is just waiting for the right person to successfully run with it. Someone perhaps with experience in the Hotel Cleaning Business, (although not a necessity) someone with an Entrepreneurial mind, who can recognize the huge potential for profits here, and the potential for expansion into other countries needing this service as their “point of difference” for their Hotel Business.

It would be an easy transition for anyone interested in this Niche, as Hotel and domestic cleaning of mattresses and carpets is an “evergreen” Niche.

I have all of the knowledge needed and contacts at my fingertips to help you make a success of it.

All of the I.P. for the patent and Logos are up to date and I’m willing to assist with the setting up of the business and  training of Licensees and Staff for an agreed fee, allowing the new owner a faster transition to get the business up and running using the same techniques, resources and knowledge that made it so successful in the past.

Here’s What You Get

  • Australia/New Zealand wide business
  • Biotech Hygiene® I.P. and Domain and Website
  • Healthy Hotels® I.P. and Domain – Registered with I.P. Australia
  • Healthy Hotels Group® I.P Domain and Website
  • SAFE2use® Registered I.P. and logo
  • All systems and Protocols used prior
  • Australian Patented multipurpose rotary floor cleaning machine
  • Patent in the 9th year of a Full 20 year patent.
  • All Intellectual property for trade names, Biotech Hygiene® – Healthy Hotels®
  • – Healthy Hotels Group® – SAFE2use® products -ORBITtech® Rotary floor cleaning machine
  • Access to all chemicals used in the processes
  • Label machine for production of labels
  • CAD Drawings for future machine manufacture
  • Moulds for the extraction machine and hand held black light machine
  • All training documents for 3 day training sessions
  • Legal Documents available for the sale of the License as is, (Note: if a Franchise model is preferred, legal documentation would need to be drawn up by a Franchise Lawyer)
  • Includes ranking for Organic advertising on several platforms

The asking price for this great business opportunity will be discussed via a pre- booked phone call, please email me your preferred time  and a little bit about yourself and your interest in this business to:

When you consider the lifestyle these businesses could offer you in this wonderful country, you will agree the price is very fair..

Only serious buyers please.

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