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We’ve doubled down on strength and performance to give you better dirt pulling power…

… Giving you better results and more profits.

What’s the difference? In one word, it’s “QUALITY”.

Use less stain/spot removers when you use our Awesome Encap as a spotter or pre-spray.

You may find you don’t need half the other products you’ve been using.

Our AWESOME ENCAP is now available to all Carpet Cleaners, previously, they have only been available to our own network.

The SAFE2use® name is the trusted brand used by “Certified” Hotels who are members of the Healthy Hotels Group®.

Our guys are just ‘gob smacked’ at the results they’re getting with this and they don’t want other carpet cleaners to have it, once you use it you’ll know why…

This Encapsulation product has never been released to the public, until recently…

…Up until now it before has been EXCLUSIVE to a closed group of carpet cleaners who use it to get “eye popping” results with their Hotels and Commercial Businesses.

We’ve been testing it against many of the brands that are currently available and it didn’t just pass with flying colours – it gave us unprecedented results! – it is Liquid Gold…..

After testing this product thousands of times we’re ready to offer this boutique Encap to a Carpet Cleaners throughout Australia.

Now believe me, when you try it, you won’t want anyone else to have it either! Just check out what they’re saying about it:

I run 3 vans on the road and have a really busy carpet and mattress cleaning company, the products I use need to work hard for me, “I love this Encap, I call it “the Best little Encap in Town”! “I’ve been offered some other top brands to try for free! But they don’t do what this Encap does, I’m getting staggering results, nothing comes close to this”…….I’m so glad I have access to it…..

Paul from Nth Qld

“We used to use a brand from the USA but it didn’t do as good a job of removing the marks, the SAFE2use label is a little more expensive than the “run of the mill stuff” that’s out there but it saves me money on having to use other chemicals.. AND it removes heaps of unidentified marks on its own! In my opinion it’s far better.I’ve told them, don’t change a thing, it’s bl#*dy great”!………..

Darren from Toowoomba

“This Encap is a Real Rip Snorter, I love it!I wouldn’t use anything else, it helps me get the high end jobs because it’s a high end product that helps me justify my price, when you use excellent products you get excellent results……

Paul from Victoria

Paul’s right, he wanted something SAFE for his Hotels and Customers that would justify his price, something that rated HIGHER than the toxic rubbish some folk use… If you’re a serious player, and you want to give your business a serious “cash injection” you’ll know that Big Businesses are willing to pay for quality products and service… will your more “savvy, health conscious” customers.

It’s been tested in some of the most “grungy” exit cleans and it’s worked its “back end off” to bring us brilliant results….it’s worked beautifully on the high end market homes as well, this product is an extreme heavy lifter but it’s not harsh…….

Whether you’re using Hot Water Extraction OR Bonnet/Orbital Cleaning you’ll get Kick @ss$$ results…

Here’s the catch – you can’t buy it anywhere else … It’s exclusive to Biotech Hygiene and we want to keep it exclusive, only releasing it to a small number of carpet cleaners to give them the EDGE over their competition.

A lot of work has gone into finding the right formula for you guys to give you “freaking fabulous” results!

We want to get you on the quickest path to success ……………..

Try it once and you’ll be hooked!

Let us help you get the edge over the competition…

Used at a dilution rate of 220ml product in 5 litres of water, you would get approx 22.7 ready to use 5 litre bottles.

When we first introduced our Encap to the market it was priced at $120 and  that’s because of the high quality ingredients used to create it,  but we have now met the market to make it more affordable for this “scarce as hen’s teeth”  product and it’s now a very reasonable $89 for 5 litres of “power boosted” concentrate –  not expensive when you consider the results you get and its proven success.

You know what, it’s not about price comparison, it’s about giving you guys a product we know will work wonders for you and help you build your reputation and get customers beating a path to your door.

What’s the old saying? “You get what you pay for…..”

Once you try our SAFE2use® Formula, you won’t go back to the cheap inferior solutions.

You’ll get fast results with this product without having to use heaps of  other stain removal products, this Encap when used as a pre-spray or spot remover will remove a multitude of unidentified marks for you.Your customers will think you’re a Wizard!

And if you extract properly before use, you won’t get the annoying recurring marks the following day…

Order yours now –  We don’t want you to miss out and because it’s a Boutique Encap, stock is limited so place your order Today.

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