About Us

In Business Since 2009

We have been providing machinery, accessories and chemical solutions to our Licensees since 2009.

In this time we have developed an excellent range of products from our SAFE2use® range, making life safer not only for our Operators, who deal with chemicals on a daily basis, but for their customers too, because there are no toxic residues left behind in the carpet.

Our primary focus is on the low moisture Encapsulation Process of Carpet Cleaning, which we see as the future of this industry, giving our Licensees the edge with less down time, carpets are dry in minutes not hours.

Biotech Hygiene Technicians

Healthy Hotels Group

Our Technicians service The Healthy Hotels Group of Hotels using a thorough 4 stage dry process on mattresses, winning them many contracts because of the quick room turnover for Hotels, but also the fact that they can combine the 6 stage dry carpet maintenance as well.

Making it a one stop shop for the Accommodation providers.

This is more cost effective for the Hotel and it means their sanitising and cleaning is all done under the one umbrella.

As they are servicing the Hotel beds, they are trained to look for any signs of Bed Bugs and will warn management immediately and isolate the room to prevent further contamination if necessary.

Domestic Market

They also service the Domestic Market with many of their repeat clients having their mattresses cleaned and flipped at the start of each season to help control their allergies and give them that fresh, clean feeling that goes deeper than just clean sheets.

They are often called out by Real Estate agents to deal with anything from a flooded showroom, to the removal of mould in a Tenants rental property, or to clean and sanitise carpets, the use of non –toxic, safe products that don’t have an overpowering odour wins them a lot of contracts.

Boats, Trains and Buses

Boats, Trains and Buses, anywhere that people sleep is treated by our companies technicians, people are becoming more aware of the need for this service in areas where beds or sleeping facilities are shared, whether it be an overnight bus or train, or the Emergency Services where Fire Fighters and other Emergency Service workers have to share a bed on a rotating shift.

As we have mentioned previously the amount of skin that is shed each night along with perspiration, hair particles, dust mites and their excrement, bacteria, and unpleasant odours, the need for these to be removed on a regular basis is key to keeping these triggers down to a manageable level.

It’s essential our Emergency workers get a good sleep, free from worrying about, who’s been in the bed before them, what is in the mattress and when it was cleaned last.

Everywhere Else

Our Technicians are busy treating beds in places you would not normally think about, mattresses and carpets are everywhere, Boarding schools, University campuses, Student Holiday camps, Retirement homes, Hospitals, Specialty housing, even luxury boats need to have their beds maintained.

Remember we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, mattresses are getting more and more luxurious, people spend a small fortune buying a new bed that will last them for years, and like most Hotels, they often don’t give any thought about how to clean it.

Once you have your bed treated and you see what is extracted, you will be shocked and you’ll understand the need to have it treated on a regular basis.